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Hi, I’m Rachael!

Automation Marketing Expert

Over 15 years of experience in implementing, optimizing, and managing automation tools to drive lead generation and customer engagement.

Skilled in data analysis, campaign development, product launches and ROI tracking


This guide will help you not only create an email campaign that re-engages with your inactive contacts but it will also help in making sure you have a healthy contact database.


Enter your name and email and I will send it to your inbox!


Let’s get down to it…

Advanced Technician

Give me access to your CRM/Email Marketing system and I will build-out, clean up and launch. I am not just a techie, I’m thoughtful and offer years of expert advice and ideas. This is what I LOVE to do.

Email Content and Campaign Optimization

Let me get in there and optimize your email marketing copy! Did you know that even a receipt from a purchase is an opportunity?

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

14+ Years of experience in Infusionsoft. 100’s of campaigns and launches, Sales Pipelines, and Lead Scoring systems. Certified Partner with Infusionsoft. 

Full Support Team

Do you need a CRM/Email Marketing system Manager? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Rachael and her team offer full ongoing support in your system.

List Optimization

Optimized list = better Open Rates and Deliverability. + Don’t forget segmentation!  Give them what they want and take care of your followers. Don’t spam them! Connect with them. Create a community.

Shopping Cart

Create a customized shopping cart and experience for your customers.


Integrate Zapier, membership sites, calendars, affiliate programs, etc.

Membership Site

Fully Customized WordPress Membership and Campaign build out. Your members will seamlessly receive log-in credentials and content reminders. I build out your system to ensure your members feel like members and not a number. 

Wordpress Website Development & SEO

Fully Customized WordPress Websites, Membership sites, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Opt-in Page Design. SEO – Let’s help “them” find you. Rachael’s husband, Jason, is a WordPress Developer with 15 years experience.

Bragging Rights…

Bachelor of

Science –



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Success Stories

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachael for about 7 years and it has been such an amazing partnership. Everything from strategies, website design, marketing and sending my weekly newsletters and marketing materials out – I never have to worry because I know things will always get done AND I will LOVE how she did it all. Amazing. Thanks Rachael!!

Susan Epstein

Highly Profitable Practice

I hired Rachael because I’ve worked with her on other people’s teams and I love how she works: high action, low drama. This woman understands InfusionSoft like the back of her hand, so I don’t have to. (Hallelujah! Another thing to take off my to do list). She’s sharp, thoughtful, a strong team player, and a delight to work with. If you need someone smart to run your email marketing platform, Rachael has my highest recommendation.

Stella Orange

Rachael takes my ideas and delivers what I want, but even better than I could have imagined. She turns work around in record time and very often will point out things that I didn’t know or think to do. Rachael is a god-send to any business and I am lucky to have found her! Feel free to contact me if you want to hear any more about Rachael. 

Therese Skelly

I’d love to chat to see
if we are a good fit!